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About Matt

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Matteo (Matt) Bozina is a Gold Coast, Australia based Landscape painter. Primarily a watercolour Artist, he also works in Oil mediums.


Matt's main focus is to capture and accentuate the light, mood or atmospheric drama of a scene.  He can often be found outdoors Plein Air painting, and loves to work immersed in street scenes, seascape and landscape locations.


Hang out, look around and follow Matt on his Plein Air adventures on Instagram (@mattbozina_art), Facebook (Matt Bozina Art) and Youtube (Matt Bozina Art). 

My Story

Born in Brisbane, raised in QLD/NT/USA/South Oz, I've always had a passion for Art, and have loved sketching and painting for the majority of my life. 

I was an "Art School Dropout", and learned nothing from it. Sadly, there was no room for a keen representational painter with a love of Streeton, Durand, Sargent, Bierstadt, Wyeth.. keen to learn the technical skills to recreate what I observed. They were more interested in pushing us to slop paint with shovels, hack at it with chickenwire and ride our pushbikes over the canvas, and then come up with some "deep" thought-provoking back-story to sophisticatedly explain what the whole mess "speaks of".

Not for me, thanks.. 

In more recent years, my love of painting has steadily grown into more of an obsession. When I'm not painting, I'm thinking about painting. Everywhere I look, each view is broken into composition, hue, tone, chroma..

Every colour I observe in my daily travels frantically runs through my mind in terms of how to mix it... "Bit of Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, touch of Alizarin"... I drive myself nuts! 

When I'm not painting, I love spending with my 2 teenage children, guitars, kayak fishing, surfing, hiking, camping and hanging out with my lovely, very tolerant partner, Rebecca.

Most of my clothes are paint-spattered..  

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