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Oil on 5x7 wood panel in progress. Surf after rain at Burleigh Heads.

A small piece I'm currently working on. The surf from the shoreline at Burleigh Heads, here on the Gold Coast, Australia.

There has been a LOT of rain in the Eastern and Southern states of Australia of late, which flushes the creeks and canals of tonnes of silt and sediment. This turns the surf a chocolate brown colour for a few days.

The reference photo I took is indicative of this type of condition, however I'm amplifying the backlit effect from the morning sun coming through.

Being a keen surfer, I love painting waves and seascapes. (The cruel irony is, I don't get in the surf much lately, as every spare moment is spent bloody painting!!)

#mattbozinaart #landscapepainter #seascape #5x7painting #oilonwoodpanel #goldcoastart #surfart

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