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Plein Air Adventure in Billinudgel and Brunswick Heads!

Click the Picture to watch the video!

I headed south today into far northern New South Wales with my watercolors and painted a street scene in Billinudgel.

By the time I finished it was getting close to midday, so I decided to head into Brunswick Heads to grab lunch by the creek.

It was such a nice scene, I went back to the car and grabbed my gear to paint it.

I did a small A4 ink & wash painting.

I’d managed to set myself up right next to a four year old birthday party, so I was soon surrounded by inquisitive, cute little kids with lots of questions!

They were hilarious, and really enthusiastic about painting. I ended up giving the painting to the birthday girl Lula, so she could remember her fourth birthday party down by the creek.

Such a good day out painting and I can’t wait for the next one!

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