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Welcome to my blog page!

Thank you for coming to check out my freshly refurbished website. I’ve neglected it for a couple of years now, but I’ve made a solemn pledge to myself to regularly update new content.. paintings, videos and blogs.. I Promise!!

I’m not really sure what my intention is with the site yet.

Sure, it would be nice to sell some more paintings, and I’ll probably provide some tips and gear reviews, but I’m really keen to document my journey as an artist and have some sort of a record of my Plein Air painting adventures.

I’ve had some bloody amazing experiences painting out in the field, on the beach or out in country towns.

I’ve seen some cracking views, met some great painters, and come across some real characters..(and some dead-set wack jobs, too!)

Going forward, I’d love to keep a record of these amazing experiences, captured on my website in video format, and maybe the odd blog to recount my adventures…or debrief some of the trauma!

On a technical front, painting your subject live really does develop your understanding of how to manage tone, distance, composition, edges and values. Way more than any photograph will ever inform you.

And whilst you’re out there in the heat, mozzies and wind trying to wrap your head around all that stuff, you are also getting questions flying at you by an endless stream of onlookers! It really puts you through your paces, but it’s also very addictive.

Anyway, thanks again for your interest, and for checking out my stuff. I hope I can provide some value, and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey as a Plein-Air Painter with you!



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